State of Emergency

To say we’re in a “state of emergency” is an understatement. Millions are under covid attack, thousands have died from the attack. Maybe more are sadly coming. Who knows when this nightmare will end? We sure don’t. We’re in a state of emergency that doesn’t have an end to it that we know of so far. It’s f**king scary. It’s just terrifying.

This emergency is very unique. We’ve never dealt with something like Covid-19 before. Ever. Like, how exactly can we deal with this going forward? Normally, any emergency will have its conclusion sooner than later. With the Coronavirus, or shall I say CoronaPunk, we have absolutely no clue when the conclusion will concur. None. Everyday I think about this state of emergency we’re in. How many people we’ve lost for no reason. How many children we’ve lost. It makes no sense. The world currently makes no sense. That has to stop. This nightmare has to stop. I wish I could end this whole thing with a snap of a finger, like Thanos. There has to be an end to all of this. We can’t deal with this for much longer. No more. Absolutely NO MORE! God, please get us out of this state of emergency.

I don’t ask for much, but this one I’m begging for.

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