From Hobby to Career

Writing. Deep thinking and jotting them down. Brainstorming. This is a great hobby that I love, and the goal is to turn it into a career. A self made career. From hobby, to career.

I have so much words to say, but can express them much better on paper. I sometimes catch myself speaking jibberish, but when it comes to writing I can say whatever I want to say 100%. Writing is such a creative process it’s pretty interesting how it all comes about. Whether I’m writing something that features 1000 words or 100 words or even 10 words, I always have a point to make. I love it and I’m just working towards reaching my main goal; from hobby to career.

With these blog posts over the past year and a half, I’ve been sharing with you guys my inner thoughts. My inner mind. No matter the subject. I have so much more to share, and you’ll all be intrigued by them. I love this. It’s what I want to do for life. From hobby, to career.

Love you all ❤

IG and Twitter: @Token0830