Bella’s Dead

Oh my goodness, Bella is dead. My sweet precious Bella is gone. I can’t believe this! Why Bella? Why take that precious angel off this earth? I loved Bella, and she loved me. In fact, Bella loved the world. She was very caring, very sweet. What a woman. She’s gone.

I just can’t believe it. I refuse to believe it. Why?

Bella was a woman of gratitude. Whatever she had her heart set on, she would go after it without hesitation. Bella was a risk taker. She wasn’t afraid to live life the way she wanted to. No would could stop her drive, her ambition. She was simply, great. Everything was going well for Bella one day, then suddenly just like that, she’s gone. She had perished. Why? That’s the damndest part about this whole thing. No one knows why. Bella’s dead? Bella’s dead.

Goodbye Bella.

You’ll always be my angel.

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