The Industrial

Welcome to The Industrial!

You’ve entered the place of rust, steel, biohazard. There’s so much to see here, but this is a place of variety. This is a place where you prove to be tough. You prove that you can handle the beatings that’ll come your way. Don’t worry, you won’t get hurt too bad. Maybe I’m lying? Nah I’m just kidding. The Industrial is a place where you can handle being put such dangerous activities. Can you make it out in one piece?

Let me explain The Industrial a little more to you.

The Industrial was created by the hands of three men. Three men who wanted to create their own vision, create their own world. One day, these men decided to grab as much scrap as they could. Scrap metal, pipes, tools, etc. At first, they didn’t know what the hell they were building. They took forever to build their craft. It was all just nothing but rusted pipes and metal mashed together. One day, one of the guys suggested, “Hey, let’s just turn this whole thing into our own world. We don’t know what we’re even doing anyway, so let’s turn everything around and start fresh. Let’s actually build something here that’ll have people talking forever!” So over the next few years, these three guys would build a town full of their items. A town full of metal, pipes, and even added some unknown chemicals for their own twisted pleasure. This whole ordeal just sounds weird, but it would all be worth it for these three men after years of their own work.

Finally, The Industrial was born! Whenever people would come across this town, they don’t know what the hell they’re looking at. They would see this unique town and think they’re in some kind of abandoned city, but it’s really a new town built by three weird masterminds.

The Industrial would have people talking for years. People couldn’t wait to tell others about what they had witnessed. The main question from all of this was, “Who built this town?” Thing is, the three men who did so weren’t ever identified nor seen or heard from again.

They built their town, and left a mark doing so.

The Industrial.

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