Being Nice is a Sin Now?

Being nice could possibly be a sin now. It has to be. Seems like anytime you show a good heart to anyone, the chances of them accepting it are slim to none. It happens so frequently now. Why? What’s wrong with being nice? What’s wrong with showing everyone a good heart? I just can’t seem to understand why you get such looks and attitude from people when it comes to being nice to them. It’s not a big deal at all, but it bothers me for sure. You show kindness to others, and they don’t accept it. They don’t want it. Okay, I could be rude but I refuse. That’s not the kind of man that I am. I show others respect. I show others a good heart. You can accept it or not, but don’t straight up disregard my kindness. I treat others the way I would want to be treated. That’s just the man that I am. Seems like you can’t be nice to anyone these days anymore. There’s people who will accept it for sure, but I barely see them. For the ones who do accept kindness, you’re awesome. You’re a spirit of the world. Being nice comes off as a sin nowadays, but it’s totally not when you’re a gift to the world.

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