Ask for Greatness?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? “Can I have greatness?” Do you feel the need to ask yourself permission for greatness? The answer is hell no! Don’t EVER ask for greatness! Greatness will always come to you. All you need to do, is simply reach for it and take it. NEVER ask for it!

Recently, I was thinking about this in my head. Thinking about if I have to ask for greatness in my life. Then after thinking about it for some time, I simply said to myself, “Shane, you don’t ever have to ask for greatness. You WILL obtain greatness sooner than later. Actually, even if it’s later, you WILL obtain greatness! NEVER ask for it! Reach and obtain greatness however you want to have it. Do it your way!”

So that’s my message to every single one of you readers. Whether it’s through blogging, writing, art, or anything you set your mind to. You WILL obtain greatness!!

Don’t ever ASK for greatness. Ask for greatness? Absolutely NOT!

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