24/7 Learning Experience

This is a dream I’ll NEVER let go! Never.

To travel.

To learn.

All day, all month, all year!

Traveling around the world would be the biggest learning experience anyone could ever imagine. There’s just so much in life to see in person. So much history, culture, just overall major experiences. Who wouldn’t want to step foot on the tallest building in the world? Well, maybe me but looking at it would be great! I just see and read so many things that always gets my attention, literally grabs it by the throat. Reading about the world is one thing, but actually seeing everything is more than worth it.

Also, I would love to meet new people all around the world. Meet people, talk to them and learn their backgrounds, hearing them tell stories about their cultures. I would be in awe.

Traveling would be the best learning experience anyone could ever ask for. That’s what I’m asking for.

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