Loyal Pains?

What is it about the loyal ones that gets hurt the most? People with such great loyalty, such love seems to always get hurt. Do people really appreciate the loyal ones? That’s a question I ask myself everyday.

Like why? You’re loyal to someone, then one way or another they’ll hurt you. They’ll let you down. Without hesitation too. The funny part, is that they’ll come up with some kind of excuse. It’s ridiculous. Are the loyal ones a pain in the ass? If so, how? I don’t understand it. I don’t think it’s something that could be explained too, which is incredibly frustrating.

Hurting the loyal ones could sometimes cause them to break their loyalty, is that what people want? Maybe that’s the case? It’s ridiculous. Loyalty is one of the best forms of friendship. Loyalty can determine who really stands by your side. Why do people hurt the loyal ones? They hurt them, then get upset when the loyalty isn’t there anymore. Hypocrites.

Loyalty can be broken, but can’t be replaced. Don’t hurt the loyal ones people, because once they’re gone they’re not going to be by your side anymore. Sincerely think about that.

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