Everything’s stressful. So much emotions are going through your head. Your adrenaline is very high. Life is just taking a big toll on you right now. So much crap, so little time. It’s crazy. You don’t know what to do right now. You can’t think properly. You can’t function correctly. So much to deal with, it’s ridiculous. Your mind is doing jumping jacks. Your body is twirling. You just can’t be you! What’s happening?! Then you start thinking, “What am I going to do? What’s going on? What is it? What is it?? WHAT IS IT???”

So much chaos in your brain, in your body and everything’s happening at once! You know what?


Just, RELAX!

Take a huge deep breath. Slowly inhale, then slowly exhale. Just RELAX!

Everything will be fine. You’ll be fine. You’re overthinking things. It happens I know, but just RELAX! If your mind or body starts doing cartwheels, then catch yourself and give yourself a Piledriver (That’s not possible of course but bare with me). You will be fine ma’am. You will be fine sir. Just simply RELAX, and every little thing’s gonna be alright.

Just simply…….RELAX!

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