Greetings, My name is Medusa. I am the most impactful, powerful woman in the entire world. I am strong. I am dominant. I am unstoppable. Want to know more about me? Sure, I’ll tell you.

I grew up in a family full of warriors. Every day, we would go out back and practice combat. We would fight like no other, damn near killing each other. For what? To prove a point. We wanted to prove that we were unstoppable, we ARE unstoppable! My family is full of fighters, and I was taught very well.

From the lessons of my family, I fought everyday to prove that I was on the rise to glory. No one could stop me and it was great. I challenged all comers to battle me and I won. Some of them were good sort of, but I won every single time. No won could defeat me. That’s how I gained me name. That’s how I gained my reputation. My name is Medusa, and absolutely NO ONE will forget that.

You want to fight me? Step up. Let’s see if you can handle my wrath.

IG and Twitter: @Token0830