Take a Ride to Success

There’s a vehicle right in front of you. There’s a long road ahead of you. So what do you do? Get in that vehicle, turn on the son of a b***h, don’t look back either, and just go. GO! The road you’re driving on leads to a destination. You may not know it, but it does. Just drive. Drive fast. Safely, but fast. Your adrenaline is pumping, you’re excited about where you’ll end up at. You want to know where you’ll end up at? Keep guessing while driving.

As you’re driving, you’ll see some exciting things along the way. You’ll see some extraordinary things in fact. You begin to smile. You smile hard, and you should. Keep driving pal. Next thing you know, your journey comes to a halt. What is that you see? You see three signs: left, right, or straight? You don’t know where to go. You’re confused for a little bit. I get it, a big decision you must make. Well guess what, you’ve chosen to go straight. You go straight and things look uncertain at first, but it’ll all make sense at the end.

You’re just about near your destination and you still don’t know what to expect. You seem excited, but uncertain. That’s okay. You begin to pray. You pray while driving, but not keeping your eyes off the road. That’s smart. Then suddenly, you start to see this environment. An environment full of people who are cheering you on. You’re confused, yet accepting it. Then lastly, the road ends. You stop the vehicle, turn it off, look up, and you see it. You see your destination. You see something you’ve been waiting for your whole life. You see success. You’ve reached success! Your destination, was in fact success!! You did it pal! You’re now successful! Awesome job! You took a long path to get there and you made it! Pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself. You made it! You took a long ride to success, and you made it there. Congratulations!

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