I’m not a poet, but I understand poetry. The words, the emotions behind them, the messages they send, it’s quite soothing. It’s great. It’s unique. It’s a pure form of writing and a pure form of expression. Whenever I read a poem, I’m always amazed at how I can feel such words pulsing through my veins. Literally, I’d read a page and then be like, “Woah. That’s amazing. I felt that.”

Then I would watch a poet perform on stage and would also be amazed at the emotions they expressed during their performance. Not only can you feel their emotions, you can see it as well. It’s truly an art. Poets don’t get enough credit guys. They bleed their words, they bleed their emotions. They just want to express them in a way they can’t with anyone else. I really love their desire. I can’t believe how they can do it so astonishingly. Poets are true performers.

Poetry is underestimated. Don’t ever underestimate poetry. They can speak to you with such words that will make you think. Think about yourself, think about life.

To all poets out there in the world, keep doing what you’re doing! You have a gift, show it.

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