Fight Than Flight

You can take flight to your dreams, but honestly it’s not the best success story. Sure you can fly high, go straight to your destination that you’ve badly dreamed for, but at the end you will start to think, “Man, this didn’t turn out the way I’ve wanted it to.”

The easy way isn’t the best way. You want to achieve your goals in life? Fight for them. Don’t take the easy route. If you take the easy route, you’ll accomplish nothing. Absolutely nothing. Honestly, I think about taking the easy route sometimes. Instead of going down a long road, I sometimes wish I could just take flight. Then I realized, that won’t accomplish anything at the end of the day.

Fight than Flight. You can do it! It’s not the easy route, but it’s the best route.

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  1. Sean Richardson says:

    You nailed it. Great writing

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    1. Shane R. says:

      Thanks! Much appreciated


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