Why The Confrontation?

Oh yes, this is where it all begins. For a while now, Athena and Jade have despised each other. Well according to Jade, Athena despises her because she’s supposedly jealous of her. Whatever the case, these two have some animosity towards one another that has been kept quiet until Athena spoke up about it recently. Now these two suddenly want to meet face to face. For what? Well allow me to explain.

These two actually have some history together that wasn’t quite documented before. Athena and Jade have met once and even though it was for a few seconds, it wasn’t pretty. One day, Athena was out doing her thing, mind to her own, when she suddenly notices a burning house. She rushes to the house and couldn’t see anything at first because of the overwhelming flames. She of course was panicking as she really wanted to save whoever’s in that house. She finally got the courage to break a window and climbed into the house! It takes her a minute to find anyone, then she finally finds two young children. The kids were crying, sobbing as they were scared and most of all couldn’t find their parents. Athena wasted no time and grabbed the kids and ran out the house, somehow getting through the flames to the front door. Neighbors have called 911 and the firefighters were on their way. Athena asks the kids, “Do you guys know where your parents are?” The kids replied, “No! But they are still in the house, they didn’t go outside at all!” Athena tells the neighbors to comfort the kids and she goes back into the house. Flames are everywhere! She somehow finds the parents bedroom and unfortunately, made a gruesome discovery. The parents were dead, both had their throats sliced from ear to ear. Athena couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She runs back out quickly and once she saw the kids, she didn’t tell them what she discovered. “Where’s mom and dad??” one of the kids asked. Athena simply states, “Couldn’t find them…..”

Hours go by and the situation calms down for a bit, Athena stays by the children’s side. She steps away for a little bit and in her mind, she still thinks about that gruesome sight. She knew right away that the house fire was attempted arson. The parents were murdered and the children were next. Athena was literally wondering who would do such an evil thing. She exits the hospital, where the children were staying at, then suddenly looks ahead and sees a woman. This woman was standing in the parking lot, looking all dolled up. Literally looking like she’s about to go on a date or something. She’s staring at Athena, with a blank look. Athena was on alert as she doesn’t know this woman but could tell right away that something’s up. Athena starts walking towards the woman, the woman’s still standing there. She finally gets up to her and asked, “Do I know you?” The woman stares at her for another minute then simply says this, “My name’s Jade, and you ruined my good time you b***h.” Jade then proceeds to SLAP Athena! Athena soaks up what just happened then as soon as she turns around, Jade’s gone. Just like that. Disappeared. Athena was in shock, then she looks down and notices blood on the ground. It’s not hers, but she was intrigued. She touches the blood, analyzing it. She starts getting angry at the sight of it and ever since then, she began to HATE the color red! Athena finally whispers to herself, “One day, I’m gonna find her and punish her for her sins. She won’t hurt anyone anymore. Jade, if that’s your real name, you don’t belong here…..and I will make you pay.”

Confrontation coming soon…..

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