When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Of course, you’ll see a reflection of yourself. What I’m asking is what do YOU see? Do you see yourself? or maybe you see someone else?

Mirrors have that kind of power if you think about it. Mirrors gives you the ability to actually take a good look at yourself and you get to be your own judge. Some may see themselves just fine, while others would admit that they don’t know who the hell they’re looking at. It’s crazy yet rewarding. Only you can be the judge of yourself and determine who you are. The first step to doing that is by simply taking a good look at yourself in a mirror.

Your reflection can only show your physical appearance, but not so much your inner soul. Go to any mirror and look yourself in the eyes, stare deeply into your soul. You be the judge, do you see yourself? That’s the power of mirrors. Reflection to another level. Try it sometime. You’ll feel different and in a way, it’s a cleanse.

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