Your Story

Everyone has a story to tell. Are you willing to tell yours? Do you believe your story will be an interesting one to tell?

Something you guys may not know is that everyone’s stories will have its ups and downs. Its loopholes. Its lapses. At the end of it all, everyone’s stories will have its greatest resolutions. If I were to write my own story, my main concern would be, “Is anyone willing to listen to my story?”

Would you guys feel the same? What good is it to write your story when no one is willing to listen to it? You’d want your story to be heard, to be understood. I would listen for sure. See, one ear is better than nothing. If you have a story that you believe should be heard, put pen to paper. Write it. Express it. Detail it every step of the way. Make it an incredibly interesting story that is must read. Everyone has a story to tell, and you must be willing to share it with the world.

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