War of Words

Athena and Jade. These two had a war of words before they get the chance to meet face to face. Not gonna waste any more time here. Here’s what they had to say:


“Jade, I can’t stand you. Every time I look at you, all I see is evil. Evil always takes over this world. Evil always becomes power and I’m sick of it. That’s what I see when I see red. That’s what I see whenever I see you, is evil. Excuse my language, but you’re an absolute b***h!! When the day comes where we meet face to face, I can’t wait to slap the evil right out of you. You need to see the good in life. You need to see how precious life can be when you do things for the good. Without cheating or doing bad things, you can earn stuff in life by hard work, by being a good person. All of this is falling on deaf ears I’m sure, so I’ll make my message loud and clear in person. See you soon…”


“What the hell is your deal with me?! So what if I live my life the way I do? I’m that b***h! I get what I want, when I want. That’s simple. If I don’t get my way, ssomeone will die. I don’t play when it comes to my satisfaction. You’ll know that first hand. As a matter of fact, when we meet face to face, I WANT you to lay down for me! I want you to lay down like the twat that you are and let it be known that you’ll always be beneath me. Hell, I would have no problem seducing you like I do to my previous victims. I know you’ll like it. You’re a virgin aren’t you? Yeah, I’ll change that for you in a heartbeat. Then once I’m done, I’m sacrificing your ass. This world doesn’t need blue b***hes like you anymore. You’re right about one thing and that’s evil always takes over the world. That’s me b***h. I’m evil for damn sure and I’m taking this world by storm. Jade’s the queen of the world, and you’ll be my f***ing peasant.”