Athena hates the color red, and this woman is why. This is the red to Athena’s blue. This is the person Athena despises the most. This is the woman that brings hell to earth. This is the red devil herself, Jade.

Jade is the total opposite of Athena. She’s evil, she’s spiteful, she’s sneaky. She’s overall a total b***h. She’s proud of it though. As long as she gets what she wants when she wants, she’ll be the biggest b***h in town. Hell, she’ll be the biggest b***h in the world and will love every second of it. If you don’t give Jade what she wants, she’ll kill you. No questions asked. No hesitation. You disobey her and you’re dead to her…..literally.


Jade comes from the great state of Texas, but no one knows absolutely nothing about her upbringings. Similar to Athena, that’s pretty much private to her. Jade never cared about school growing up as she was the typical rebellion. Always skipping school any chance she gets. Jade always wanted to live in the moment and there’s nothing wrong with that, but she does it in her own way. She’ll get what she wants, she’ll take what she wants. That’s her motto for life: take what you want no matter what. Jade, I must say, is very sexy and she most definitely knows that. She’s got this sex appeal like no other. When it comes to getting what she wants, she’ll seduce you. If you don’t go along with it, you’ll die. Jade LOVES murder. She’s just pure evil and no a woman you would want to mess with.

Now Athena hates the color red because of Jade. Jade LOVES red, just as much as Athena loves the color blue.

What Does Red Mean to Jade?

Jade explains her love for red:

“Red is my favorite color because it symbolizes me. Blood, guts, evil, sex, all red and I love it. When I get my hands on blood, I would be ecstatic. Anything red, I would be ecstatic. Give me more red! I won’t say anything more…..”

Jade doesn’t have a specific nickname as her appearance tells the whole story. Wherever she does, she wants to be remembered for eternity. Almost like Athena, Jade wants to be known all over the world. She wants to be remembered for her sexiness, her rebellious behavior, overall her whole personality. She’s more outgoing than Athena. She’ll go everywhere and anywhere whenever she feels like it. Total all around woman.

Lastly, Jade talks about Athena here:

“Athena hate me?! Awww, I’m flattered. That pretty little goodie can go f**k herself . I don’t know why she despises me so much. I do what I want, when I want. She can’t accept that because she’s all about love and sh**. I’m all about love too. I love murders, I love sex, I love blood, I love red. She’s loves blue? Ewww! Come to the devil side! Seriously though Athena, if you despise me so much, then how about you and I have a little “chat”. C’mon now girl, let’s be grown adults and talk about things. Woman to woman. I won’t bite…..maybe……no I won’t. Don’t worry sweetheart, you’ll be safe. Safer than you’ll ever be.”

Will the two of them cross paths? Time will tell.

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