Athena, this hidden spirit. She’s a hidden beauty. She’s just secretive. She doesn’t like to be well known, she likes to be in the dark. She likes to be in the dark but yet, she likes to roam. She wants to spread her blue spirit all over the world. If she wants to be remembered, she will make that happen her way. She is her own guidance, her own leader. Follows no one and never will. Athena, the Beautiful Blue.


Athena was born in Nevada and not much is known about her background. Not even her family is know about. She believes that her mother and father both weren’t “right” to her. That’s the word she uses, “right”. What that means no one truly knows. Athena was a brainiac, a straight A student in school. She loved science as she’s very fascinated with the envelope. She just loves the planet and believe it or not, she loves the ocean even more. She one time took a trip to a nearby sea and immediately became fascinated with it. Not because of the water, not because of the view, but because of the color. The color blue. Athena loves the color blue. To her, the color blue has a significant meaning to it. I can’t tell you what it means, but she sure can.

What Does Blue Signify?

In her own words:

“Blue signifies spirit. Blue signifies love. To me, blue makes the earth feel irresistible. That’s what I am, irresistible. I’m blue, and I’m beautiful. Blue has a very special place in my heart. As a matter of fact, blue is the color of heart. Doesn’t mean I’m cold, it means I’m different. I love it. I love blue. I am blue.”

Now Athena is who I call the Beautiful Blue. She does love to known that way, but doesn’t like to be in sight. Why? She explains:

“I don’t want to be like anyone else. Every day, you walk around seeing faces. Just that, faces. People don’t care about one another. They will only know you for being just another person, nothing special. That makes me sick to my stomach. Everyone should be known for some. With me, I would only appear when neccessary. Whenever I do appear, I’m bringing the blue. I’m bringing my spirit. Everywhere I go. When you see blue, you see me. You’ll see Athena, the true blue spirit. I will never be forgotten. I always make sure of that.”

Athena naturally loves almost anything, except for one color, and that’s the color of red. I’ll let her explain that one:

“I HATE red! I f**king hate that damn color, excuse my language. When I see red, I see wrong. I see danger. I see…….her. I see that b***h. I see that devil. I see her. She’s the definition of evil. I can’t stand her. Red is HER color. I don’t love her and she quite frankly doesn’t love me either. I hate red. I hate her…..”

Who’s “her” that she’s talking about? You’ll find that out tomorrow