Hello, I’m the Mortician.

Death. I see it everyday. I see bodies everyday. Dropping like flies. Death is a specialty that I’ve adapted. Now I’m not the Grim Reaper whatsoever, I’m the motherf*****g Mortician. What makes me so fascinated with death? When someone dies, they go wherever the afterlife is. I however can only see their bodies. Their lifeless bodies. When I see someone’s corpse, I become fascinated with them. I would take the bodies and place them in my care. I could bury them or cremate them. It’s up to me.

Now instead of doing either one, I decide to take matters into my own hands and transform the bodies into my own crows. My own pets. The corpses are my pets now. They’re my special angels. Yes, I’m a twisted son of a b***h and proud of it. I’m the Mortician dammit. Why do I turn corpses into crows. I feel like people’s bodies shouldn’t be wasted away in obscurity. They should be taken care of, under my care. They should be sheltered very safely. That’s my job. I create my pets out of them. I can care for them in my own way, without any judgment. I wish you would judge me too……

Death is my friend. Death is my guidance. When you perish, you’ll be not only my friend as well, but my new angel.

I am the Mortician.

It was nice talking to you….

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