Social Media: The Voice of the Voiceless

One good thing about social media is that everyone has a voice. One bad thing about social media, is that EVERYONE has a voice. Yeah, literally EVERYONE. It’s good to have your voice heard whether it’s through social media or in person, but not so great when people use it for their negative voices.

We all speak our minds one way or another on social media. That’s what’s cool about it though. We can use social media to get our opinions out there that no one else would want to hear, so we could express it across the world. Even when it’s something negative, your voice will still be heard. Thing is, this happens every single day. Not a day goes by where no one speaks their mind on social media. That just doesn’t happen. Hell, even people who have really nothing to say always has something to say when it comes to social media. It’s about letting your voice be heard.

Social media is almost mainly used for people to voice their negativity. There’s ALWAYS someone out there who wants to be an ass and say something incredibly stupid. Yes, they’re expressing their voices, but not in a good way. That can sometimes harm people who actually has something POSITIVE to say. The more we see the negativity go around, no one’s gonna want to take the serious ones seriously. It sucks.

Lastly, there’s people who use social media to voice their “unwanted” voices. Let me tell you something, your voice ALWAYS matters! If person 1 and 2 doesn’t want to hear your voice well guess what, that’s what social media is for. Voice it to everyone else who wants to hear what you have to say. They will always listen. I will always listen. Social media is a powerful tool to get yourself out there to the world and as long as you use it for good, you’ll always be heard and never forgotten about.

Though social media, you’re the voice of the voiceless. NEVER be voiceless!

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