Popularity Always Wins

If you’re an upcoming artist, you’ll work harder than ever to get yourself going. You’ll put your work all over social media. You’ll send out multiple flyers. You talk to many people, trying to promote your work to them. Nothing’s going your way so far, and that’s fine honestly. Overtime you continue to promote your work and still, nothing happens. You don’t get any recognition and you begin to wonder why. “Why can’t I get any views?” “Why is no one checking out my work” “So much work I put in and nothing is viewed. Why?”

Then you start to notice another person who’s upcoming and is instantly getting a crap ton of views, a crap ton of recognition. Why? Is it because that person’s working twice as hard as you are? Maybe, but who really knows. Then it dawns on you, that person is more POPULAR than you. That person KNOWS more people than you. Sure that person works, but it’s the fact that they’re more well known that they’re getting all of the recognition. All of that hard work you put in and for some reason people don’t want to get you a look. All work and no play, yet no one wants to pay attention. Apparently, even though you’re an amateur, if you’re not popular in some form of fashion then no one will look at your work. No one will look at your art. All because of your low popularity. You could have some great content out there, but the fact that you’re not popular will hinder your rise to the top for some reason. Why?

I would figure that if people like what they see from your work, then they would HELP you get to the top. They would HELP you strive for greatness. They would HELP you become POPULAR! I guess, if you’re not popular already then no one will care.

Popularity always wins. That sucks. Really.

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