Quick Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why

So I’ve just finished watching Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why and I just have a quick review on it.

When I first heard about this new season, I couldn’t understand the reason why, no pun intended. The first season was great, the second season was good, but the third season I felt a bit underwhelmed. This season really didn’t need to happen in my honest opinion. Don’t get me wrong this season had its moments, but overall I felt that it shouldn’t have taken place.

This whole show was based around the death of Hannah Baker and I feel that’s the only purpose of this show, Hannah Baker. Without her, this show wouldn’t be as interesting. Now I won’t go into details about this new season because there’s people out here who hasn’t seen it, but I was underwhelmed about the whole thing. That’s just my opinion.

13 Reasons Why is a good show, but Season 3 wasn’t necessary.

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