Tool: Fear Inoculum

An album that’s spiritual, an album that’s soothing, an album that’s been long overdue. This album had it all. After hearing the whole thing, all I could ever say was simply, WOW! 13 years in the making, and it really showed here. Today’s album review will be on Tool’s Fear Inoculum!

Recently released on August 30th, I would love to believe this was a hidden birthday present to me. I couldn’t believe how amazing this album was! The whole album felt like I was traveling in a spiritual world. I closed my eyes and listened to each track, thinking I was on another planet and that planet was filled with peace. Filled with love. It was great! This album was unbelievable.

There’s a total of 10 tracks on here including the self-titled song Fear Inoculum, Pneuma, Invincible, Descending, Litanie contre la Peur, Culling Voices, Mockingbird, etc. The total timestamp of the whole album is 1:26:44! Almost a whole hour and a half! But, it’s worth it. Each track was very special in their own ways. They were different in a sense of having unique sounds. Words really can’t explain what I mean by that statement. You’ve got to listen to it for yourself to see what I’m talking about!

The MVP of this album to me, was guitarist Adam Jones. That man shredded like never before! That’s really saying something considering the fact that Tool’s been around for 20+ years and Adam has always played with passion. This album in particular I feel that he had so much material lined up for years and after 13 long years, he finally got to showcase them! Each and every member of the band did great, but Adam did a fantastic job overall.

Easily, I give this album a 10/10 rating! 13 long ass years in the making. Tool showed fans here that they can deliver such great music whenever they please. They’ve NEVER lost their step. They’ve NEVER skipped a beat. They’ve NEVER stopped being them, they’ve never stopped being Tool. This great album is already contested to be Album of the Year! No joke, this album is THAT great. Give it a listen, take the ride to spirituality.