Isolation is Medicine

People isolate themselves as some sort of rehabilitation. That’s actually a good thing believe it or not.

Isolation is medicine. Whatever’s going on in your life, you can isolate yourself in order to heal. As long as you let your loved ones know, then let the rehab begin.

When you’re isolated, you’re collecting yourself. You’re gathering your inner thoughts, your inner consciousness, and you’re rehabbing them in order to heal yourself. It’s actually quite nice. If you’re in pain of some sort, isolate yourself. The outcome will be worth it.

Always make sure you let your loved ones know about your isolation. They will indeed question it, thinking you’re leaving them behind. That’s not the case. Tell them about your pain. Tell them that you’re in need of medicine. Let them know that it’s nothing against them. They’ll understand. At least, hopefully they will.

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