When Music’s On, The World’s Off

Whenever I exercise, take long road trips, workout, and etc I would always have my earphones with me. That’s how much music means to me. It’s an escape to imagination. I wouldn’t say it’s a distraction, it’s more of an escape. Once the earplugs are in, all of the BS in this world is on mute. I don’t hear anything else but music. I don’t see anything else but my own imagination. Once the music is on, the world is turned off.

Music can turn you to a direction where you would want to be free. You would want to just let loose and have fun. If you have earphones or headphones or whatever, you know what I’m talking about. Don’t you guys feel the same as I do? Once you put music gadgets on and switch on a song, you’re in an trance. The world we’re in now is so controversial. Music is a great escape at least for a short time. Put on your headphones, turn on any song you please, and watch how quickly you’ll travel into imagination. An imagination that is full of freedom and less BS. It’s quite soothing. It’s quite a relaxation. It’s simply amazing.

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