So something magical happened recently. I randomly found a novel, even though I can’t remember the name of it, in a library and started reading it, page by page. The more I was reading this novel, the more I’ve become engaged to it. I didn’t purchase it for some reason, but I’ve started to become more invested into books, novels, etc.

I smacked myself for that actually. I couldn’t believe that I wasn’t truly into books when I was younger, going to school. The last time I can remember reading a book from start to finish was during my freshman year in high school. Once I’ve finished reading that novel for a short time, I started thinking about how important reading can be.

Reading can be an important part of anyone’s lives. Reading can help with comprehension skills, learning skills, and even writing skills. That’s honestly how I’ve developed a skill in writing at a young age, by reading whenever I got the chance to. With reading, I’ve looked at words and learned how to pronounce them and spell them out, pretty much how all of us did when we were younger. Not only that, but reading can create some interesting television in your brain.

Am I the only person who reads a book and turns it into a television show in my head? That makes reading fun to me! I would read a chapter, then analyze it in my head as if it was a scene in a TV show. Reading can do that to your brain by making it fun, especially if you’re someone who doesn’t read because you find it boring. It can be boring, but if you use your head for creativity then you can make reading fun for yourself! Reading in general can be fun as long as you make it that way. Find books that interest you. Find books that have certain topics that you enjoy and once you read them, you’ll never regret picking up a book ever again!

I’ll start doing the same!

Read and learn, everyday. šŸ“š

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