Blink-182: Enema of the State

I recently scrolled through some albums that I haven’t listened to in a long time, and I’ve just happened to stumble across this particular gem! Since this year marked the 20th anniversary of its release, I figured why not review it? Today’s album review will be on Blink-182’s Enema of the State!

Released on June 1st, 1999, this album was the signature sound for punk music during the late 90s. This third studio album of theirs skyrocketed them to major success with big hits such as All the Small Things, What’s My Age Again?, and Adam’s Song. Those top three songs became breakout hits for the band and fans had their eyeballs glued to this album to hear more from them. There were more good tracks including Dumpweed, The Party Song, Going Away to College, Aliens Exist, Mutt, Wendy Clear, Anthem, etc. Overall this album featured 12 tracks.

Now I’m not a huge Blink-182 fan, but this album was pretty good for its time. As a matter of fact, this album is timeless. As I listened to it recently, the sound of its tracks was very interesting, as if this album was released not too long ago. 20 long years and this album can be played at any time. Fans reckoned that this album is one of the all time greats in punk and they’re not wrong for saying so.

Overall, I’d give this album a 8/10 rating. My only cons were the fact that almost each song were short. Felt like I’ve finished the album in under 30 minutes. Blink-182 will always be one of the most influential punk bands in history, and this album proved why they’re in that category.