Behind The Shades

Shades can hide a person’s identity.

Shades can hide a person’s pain.

Shades can hide a person’s tear.

Shades can hide anything.

What’s behind the shades? Can you make a guess?

Once you put on a pair of shades, you’re hidden. You’re a mystery. You know what? That’s cool. That makes people guessing about you. They talk about you. They, in some way, want your attention. With your shades, they try to guess if they have it or not.

Keep them guessing. It can be fun.

Shades are very unique.

Shades can be a man’s best friend.

Shades can be a woman’s best friend.

Can never go wrong with shades.

If you’re someone who doesn’t express emotions often, shades can shield them for you.

Shades can protect you from expressing emotions that you don’t want to display publicly.

Shades can be your ally.

Shades will always keep your inner feelings in check.

Shades could change your life.

Shades are what makes you different.

A pair of shades = a pair of wisdom.

What’s behind the shades?

That’ll keep people guessing for long time.


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