Success DOES NOT Make You Indestructible

Once you finally reaches the success you’ve always wanted, something changes. Whether it’s the fame, money, or power, you still change. Mainly it’s your attitude. When you start making a lot of money, you would feel like you’re on top of the world right? Wrong. When you gain power, you would think you’re unstoppable huh? Wrong. The title of this blog means exactly what it says, success DOES NOT make you indestructible!

Celebrities kill me with that crap. They get all the fame and fortune and with this they believe they can get away with anything. That’s NOT the case. I’m just letting you guys know that fame and fortune can be great to have, but at the end of the day you’re still the same human being like all of us in this entire world.

Money does not shield you. Fame does not shield you. Power does not shield you. Those, if anything, are accessories to have when you level up in life. If you do something bad, you’ll get punished no matter what. Just like all of us. Once you reach success, stay humble. One simple bad occurrence and you’ll fall down from grace, in a snap of a finger.

That is all.

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