Understand Where People Come From

Don’t EVER judge a book by its cover! Don’t EVER judge a person by their background, because you never know where they came from. You never know their story.

One thing I don’t understand about people is that they are so quick to judge someone without even asking where they came from. You at least would want to know a person’s background right? People are too quick to judge and it’s pretty sad. I would always ask someone, if interested, where they came from and not to judge, but to understand more.

That’s one thing that I love about traveling, getting to know other ethnicities. Even though I haven’t traveled much, whenever I get to do so I would somehow talk to someone who’s not from the same country as me and I would always be interested in hearing where they came from. It’s so cool hearing different stories about people. That’s what makes life more interesting that you hear different backgrounds and how people got to certain points of their lives on there own.

Always get to know someone first. Whenever you meet someone new, take the time to chat with them and get to know their background. Listen to their story, understand their story. Listen to how they describe themselves. Don’t automatically assume. You’ll be the bad guy right away.

We’ve ALL come from different backgrounds. We’re all different in our own ways. We all have stories to tell, but it takes a real good person to sit down and listen to other’s stories. Always do just that, listen. Most importantly, understand.

Love all people!

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