Not Caring > Fake Caring

We all care. We all don’t care at times. It’s just how we all feel at certain moments. Then there are times where people would pretend to care, which is something I don’t appreciate at all. Not even the slightest. Don’t sit up here pretending to care about people when you really don’t. Don’t display a fake act of support. If you don’t care about people nor their feelings, then don’t. I would rather appreciate that than a person pretending to care. Show your true emotions.

Now caring at all can be ruthless, but at least it’s honest. Let’s that you’re not in a good and you’re looking for someone to talk to. Usually you’ll encounter someone who you then start talking to, and you’ll believe that they’re listening to you. You’ll believe that they care about your feelings. That’s how it looks, but do they really care? Maybe they’re just telling you what you want to hear. If I was in that position, I would honestly ask that person, “Do you really care about what I’m going through right now?” They might reply yes, but I can sense the BS.

I appreciate people with honesty. If you really care, great! If you don’t, y’know what that’s fine too! If you pretend to care just so you’re making someone feel better, you’re really not. I’m pretty sure people would much rather have you not care about them than faking it. No one likes false emotions.