Movie Review: Toy Story 4

You’ve got a friend in me guys! The 4th installment of a legendary series! Going to see this movie, I knew for sure I was in for some emotional moments. The first 3 movies featured a good amount of those kind of moments and this movie featured them as well as expected. Not to mention, we had some new characters! Today’s movie review will be on Toy Story 4!

Recently released on June 21st, this movie already had fans talking. Everyone who’s seen Toy Story’s 1-3 was excited to see this film the moment it was announced over a year or two ago. The first three films were focused on the character Andy Davis, but now he’s all grown up and the new focus is on the character Bonnie. Bonnie adopted Andy’s toys at the end of Toy Story 3 so this movie was expected to be focused on her.

All of the characters from the franchise are here including the likes of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Rex, Slinky, Bo Peep, Hamm, Bullseye, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, etc. We had some new characters introduced to us including Forky, Gabby Gabby, Bunny and Ducky, etc. I must say Bunny and Ducky are hilarious especially since they’re voiced by Key and Peele lol Forky was prominently featured in this film and he was a good character so I do believe he could be a main character going forward if we see more Toy Story films.

The story was that Bonnie was soon to be starting Kindergarten, and was definitely not interested in going. We’ve all been there before. She wanted to take one of her toys to school with her but her father told her that toys aren’t allowed to be brought to school. Noticing how upset she was, Woody decided to sneak into her backpack and go to school with her. Bonnie sits in class as she starts to feel lonely, in which I started feeling bad for her because it was sad to see her upset. A kid walks up to her but grabs some crayons instead and while eating an apple, this kid spits it out in the trash while dropping crayon boxes into the trash at the same time. Woody sees this and goes to grab the crayon boxes out of the trash. Bonnie reaches into the box and stumbles upon a spork, then a lightbulb was turned on inside her head! She creates her newest friend, Forky! Forky comes home to meet the new gang but he’s really shy and confused. He’s a spork, so he’s use to trash.

Throughout the movie, Forky keeps trying to escape from Bonnie and all of the other toys. They were on an RV as Bonnie and her parents were going on a road trip and during the middle of the night, Forky jumps out the window. Woody of course comes to the rescue and jumps of after him. He finds him and the two go on a walk, getting to know each other and becoming friends.

Fast forward and these guys end up in an Antique Store. Woody notices Bo Peep’s signature lamp, thinking she was inside since he hasn’t seen her in years. They look for Bo but come across a new character named Gabby Gabby and her entourage The Bensons. Gabby is immediately fascinated by the fact that Woody has a voice box. She then comes up with a plan to get the box out of Woody and Woody notices this because he’s no dummy. He tries to escape with Forky but Forky was captured by Gabby and she keeps him hostage. The rest of the movie is now focused on Woody trying to rescue Forky.

At one point, Woody reunites with Bo Peep! They now go on the mission to rescue Forky together. Buzz Lightyear is now trying to rescue Woody but then he gets picked up by a carnival worker and is now part of a carnival game prize. This was when we were introduced to new characters Bunny and Ducky. These two were jealous of Buzz from the get go and tried to hilariously beat him up by failed badly. Buzz gets loose but so does Bunny and Ducky and they begin to chase Buzz. Woody and Bo are now on top of the roof with another new character named Giggles McDimples. They’re about to sneak into the Antique Store when Buzz, along with Bunny and Ducky, reunites with Woody and Peep. This point going forward, multiple attempts to rescue Forky had failed. They try to get help from one more new character named Duke Caboom. Again, they fail to rescue Forky and the other toys started to get frustrated by this point.

Woody is now alone in his quest to rescue Forky since everyone else gave up on the mission. He comes across Gabby and the Bensons again but this time Gabby wanted to reason with him. She really wants Woody’s voice box and he agrees to give it to her as long as she returns Forky to him. Deal was done and both toys got what they wanted. Forky reunites with Woody and they try to leave but Forky notices that Gabby was attempting to become a child’s new toy. This child wanted no part of her and this left Gabby totally depressed. Woody makes a deal with her that she can be part of Bonnie’s collection of toys and Gabby agrees. Now she joins them on their way back to Bonnie. They now reached the carnival where Bonnie and her parents were. They can’t wait to get back to Bonnie but Bo Peep wasn’t into it since she was originally not Bonnie’s toy. She convinces Woody that there’s so much out there in life besides being someone’s toy. Woody thinks about this and at the last minute decides to join Bo. The gang sees this and knows what’s going on. Woody begins to say his goodbyes to the gang and does the most emotional thing ever by giving Jessie his sheriff’s badge! Jessie was shocked but excited for the opportunity. The gang gets back into the RV, reuniting with Bonnie, while Woody and Bo stay back at the carnival. The movie ends with both Buzz and Woody reciting the famous line, “To infinity and beyond…….” and man that was an emotional end to the movie.

I’ll give this movie a 8/10 rating because even though the characters were great, I feel like the story wasn’t that interesting unlike the previous movies. It’s definitely worth the watch though especially if you’re a Toy Story fan!