Doubt is A Gift


Remember when I wrote Anger is A Gift? Now there’s something else I’ve recently realized and thought about, it’s that doubt is a gift as well.

I was watching TV and a commercial came on in which it featured that specific quote, “Doubt is a gift.” Once the man in the commercial said that, I legit thought about it and it’s true. Doubt is indeed a gift. You’re probably asking how? Well I’m here to gladly explain it.

Doubt is brought to you when you showcase your passion for something you love and people don’t believe in you to succeed in your passion. Now usually people look at doubt as a hurtful message, but it’s really a hidden gift. Once people give you doubt, that’s when you bring the best out of yourself. You bring the best of your ability to succeed in whatever your passion is. Those doubters will then be amazed at what you’ve shown them.

Any signs of doubt will always bring out the best in you. You might not realize that but it does. Whenever someone doubts you, don’t take it to heart. Take that doubt and shove it up those people’s asses! Take that doubt and show people what they’re missing out on. That usually happens a lot and that’s why it’s a gift. Doubt will always bring out the best in you! Remember that. You can achieve anything once doubt gets brought upon you.