Personality Keeps You In

Hey readers, I can already tell that you guys are some good looking people. You got the looks that could turn heads in almost an instant. Every time you wake up and look yourself in the mirror, you can see your outer beauty. There’s just one question I have though; do you believe you have a good personality? Be honest with yourself on that.

Anyone with good looks could grab people’s attention, but could they keep people’s attentions as well? I feel like that’s something people don’t think about. I hope you guys do because that’s just reality. You can have movie star good looks, but if you have the personality of a wall then that’s a whole different story. In my opinion, personality is more important than looks. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s also important that you take care of your appearance too. Your personality tells others a lot about yourself. Your looks are just that, looks, but your personality tells the whole story.

Think of it as you’re going to an audition, it could be an audition for anything. Your looks brings the attention to the judges, but what they really care about is your personality. If you have a good personality, they’ll like and accept you. If you don’t, they won’t hesitate to dismiss you. Simple. That’s reality.

Just remember this people: Your looks gets your through the door, but your personality determines whether or not you get to stay in that room.