Sunshine = Good Day

When you wake up, sometimes you’ll see clouds, rain, snow, etc. Normally I would think of it being a downer because that’s not what I to see. This morning I woke up and the first thing I saw was sunshine. That instantly put a smile on my face 😊. Yesterday I talked about how smiling can be difficult, but seeing the sun makes me smile almost instantly. To me, a sunshine is a sign of a good day.

The sun can bring joy out of everyone as people would step outside almost immediately. People love to see the sun! I love to see people out here enjoying the weather! Usually the weather can predict a certain type of day a person can have, so when you see the sun shining from the sky, you’ll know for sure that you’ll have a good day!

Do yourself a favor everyone: once you wake up and you see the sun, get out of bed and enjoy it! Enjoy your morning, noon, afternoon, evening, and even the night! The sun’s out for a reason, so be part of nature!