Smiling Can Be Difficult


A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog titled Fake Smile. This one is somewhat of a sequel to that specific blog. I talked about how fake smiles are displayed to cover up someone’s true emotions, but now I’m starting to believe that smiling itself can be difficult at times. Sometimes, it’s hard to smile. It’s hard to smile because of so much things going on in life all at once. It’s hard to smile sometimes because of insecurity. Sometimes it’s just hard to smile, period. Why is that? How is that even possible? Cracking a smile is starting to become difficult to do. I can’t believe that’s even possible.

I LOVE to smile! I love to show people my smile! There’s just one problem though, I could barely smile sometimes. I would have to force myself to smile. Absolutely NOBODY should force a smile on themselves. If you’re happy, show it. Sounds so simple, yet it’s not so simple. Life can be funny guys. It can even cause you not to crack a smile at times. That’s true pain right there. Most people feel nothing but pain each day and they can’t smile at all. That’s really sad because every deserves to be happy. For smiling to be difficult is just a terrible thing to go through because it’s usually easy to crack a smile. When life doesn’t go your way at all, smiling can be impossible, and I understand that completely.

I hate to sound depressed, trust me I’m not at all, but it really is hard to smile whenever you truly want to. Whenever I do smile, I sometimes ask myself why? Like why am I smiling? What’s so funny? What’s there to be happy about? Believe me there are things to be happy about but smiling at a random time is just weird a little bit. Smiling when you truly WANT to is the difficult part because you absolutely have no reason to smile. No reason at all, but you put one on your face anyway. It sucks but it could be fixable.

Find something to overcome your negativity emotions. Find something that’ll make you happy. Find something or even someone who will always make you happy. Stuff like that can always turn your life around. In the blink of an eye, you’ll crack a smile on your face and it’ll definitely be a genuine smile! 😊