The Road of Life

Take a good look at the featured image for this blog post. You guys see this specific road? See all the twists and turns? That is what I would label as the Road of Life.

We all know that life has its ups and downs, but it also features twists and turns. One thing will always lead to another. That’s how difficult life can be at times. You turn one corner and things will be fine then suddenly you turn another corner and things start to get funny. It can be very frustrating. It happens over and over again. Time and time again. But that’s how life is.

Now take a look at the bottom of the road. It’s perfectly straight, kind of like a finish line. That’s what I like to call it, the Finish Line. After all the twists and turns you go through, you finally reach the finish line and you’ll turn out to be a better person. Life gives you challenges. You must accept those challenges and complete them. Everything will turn out for the better!

Once you reach that finish line, you’ll feel like a new person. You’ll feel accomplished. You’ll feel like a superhero. You’ll feel great! Twists, turns, back and forth, you’ll go through it all. All that matters is that finish line you cross. Reach it, then throw your fist in the air for celebration! āœŠ


  1. Betul Erbasi says:

    Just be patient until we reach there, right!

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    1. Shane R. says:

      Absolutely! Patience = success

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  2. Sean Richardson says:

    Man awesome great work

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    1. Shane R. says:

      Thanks! āœŠāœŠ


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