Your Skin


Take a look at your skin. Feel your skin. Admire your skin. Probably the most comfortable place you’ve ever been in, your own skin.

When you look at your skin, what do you see? Do you see yourself? Do you see something other than yourself? Sometimes, people don’t see themselves. Can’t possibly be explained unless you feel the same way. Your skin can only be looked at in your own point of view. You could like what you see. You could hate what you see. It’s through your own view. Look at it and tell yourself what you see. You could be surprised by your own response.

Now when you feel your skin, what do you feel? Do you feel yourself? Do you feel something else? What do you feel? Now usually you would feel the softness or roughness of your skin, but I’m mostly talking about the emotions. Whenever I feel my skin, I’m mostly feeling a certain emotion. I would feel happiness the majority of the time, but there are times where I can feel sadness. There are times where I can feel anger. Almost any emotion possible. I’m wondering if you guys feel the same when touching your own skin. It does feel weird at times how that’s even possible with me. At the same time though, I kind of like it. I feel a little psychic, but I won’t say that.

Actually take the time to think about this. Think about this subject while you look at yourself. I found this randomly interesting when I thought about it. It’s cool to me. Look at your skin. Feel your skin. While doing all of this, think about what you see, and what you feel.