Top 3 Most Anticipated Summer Activities

My absolute favorite season is approaching! With summer on the way, there’s so much exciting things to look forward to. So many fun memories to create. So many fun activities to do! I wanted to do another top 3 post so this will be the Top 3 Summer Activities that are the most anticipated!

1. Amusement Parks

Going to an amusement park is something I always look forward to every summer! What’s not to like about them? Rides, food, overall great fun! Going with family and friends to an amusement park will always result in a great time. You also get to anticipate going on some well known rides like roller coasters, ferris wheels, etc! Amusement Parks define what summer should be about and that’s having a great time. Any amusement parks you go to, you will always see people with smiles on their faces. You will always see children having the time of their lives. You’ll see nothing but fun! Just like every summer, I can’t wait to go to one this year.

2. Surfing

Now I’m no surfer at all, but I can see why it’s a popular activity to do in the summer. On a perfect day, you see the sun shining down on earth and the ocean is bright and blue, so that would be a perfect time to grab your surf board and hit the waves! So many people go surfing as it’s a way for them to showcase their athleticism and their love for the ocean! I can’t necessarily speak for them but that’s how I see it. Surfing does look fun too and I respect every surfer out there who does it for a living. Grab your boogie boards and hit those waves as many times as you can this summer!

3. Camping

Camping doesn’t necessarily have to be a summer activity, but to me it’s the best time to do so! Going to a nice field or forest or whatever you may please, setting up tents, making s’mores, and most importantly spending time with loved ones. By camping, you’re basically living in nature! Seeing the trees along with ponds and fresh air could make any camping site a memorable one. Each summer, people plan camping trips like no other! They always want to find the perfect spot to have their own getaway as they can enjoy a nice weekend to themselves in the outdoors. You can always do some fun activities while camping as you could hunt, go fishing, go swimming, play a little sports with friends or family, etc. Camping is always a fun time so if you plan on going this summer, then do so!