It Takes Guts to Live


Life can be very hard. So hard that it beats us down at times. That’s just the way life is. So many ups, so many downs. A big roller coaster. Life. People do crazy things every day in order to live their lives to the fullest. Living the quote, “Live like today’s your last, because tomorrow’s never promised.” Not sure if too many people have heard this quote but I’ve heard it a couple of times. If you think about, you’re already doing just that. Living in general, takes guts.

Each year passes. Each day passes. We’re all still here, living. Majority of us living happy lives, majority of us living sad lives. In general, each of us have the guts to live life. You can’t just let life take the best of you whenever things don’t go very well. You have to remind yourself; each day that you’re living, you have a lot of guts. Unfortunately, life can be so bad that many people don’t wanna deal with it anymore. That always makes me sad that people would go down that path. Please, don’t EVER take that path! No matter how hard life is, move forward with it. Show your strength by moving forward with your life. That takes a lot of guts to do, and YOU CAN DO IT!

This was something that came to me a couple days ago. “It takes guts to live, not to die.” As soon as I heard that quote, I instantly had to write about it. It’s so true though. It sure does take guts to live. Sometimes, life can be our enemy. When you come face to face with your enemy, you could either fight it or accept defeat. If you accept defeat without putting up a fight, what does that prove? Nothing. Fight the enemy! Live your life, showcase the guts you have!