A Mother

What is a mother? A mother is a very strong woman who’s willing to give her life to her very own child. Their blood. Their pride and joy. A mother is willing to give up her time for her children. No matter what their children wants or needs, any mother will be there for them. A mother would rush to their children’s side whenever an emergency occurs and would spend every minute with them to make sure they’re okay. A mother would stop at nothing to feed her children. No matter if there’s a lot of food or no food at all, a mother would always make sure that their child is fed one way or another. A mother would give up her occupations to be with her children every minute of every hour. No questions asked. That takes a lot of courage. One thing for sure, a mother’s love is very unconditional. A mother will love her children to the very end. That’s one thing that can’t be untamed. A mother’s love. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day so to every single one of you reading this blog, treat your mother very well. Give her gifts. Take her out to dinner. Most importantly, tell her that you love her. Tell her that every single day! To every single one of you mothers out there, tomorrow’s YOUR day! Enjoy it!