We all shed a tear for different reasons. It could be happy tears, sad tears, angry tears, etc. Point is, there’s no shame in our tears. Don’t be afraid to shed tears. It’s better to just show them instead of keeping them inside of you. You’re basically fighting yourself if you keep your emotions hidden.

Happy tears are possibly the best type of cry ever. Think about it; something so incredible happens to you and you can’t help but cry out of total excitement. It truly shows that you are really happy and appreciate what’s going on in that exact moment. Being surprised by anything could also bring out some happy tears and that too is a great feeling.

Sad tears. Those absolutely suck. We’ve all been there. Whether it’s through tragedies, heartbreaks, or even pain we’ve all expressed sad tears. Even through depression as well. We would cry because life’s just tough. Don’t know what to do next in life and that could sometimes bring out sad tears. One positive thing about them is that they’re a form of strength. What I mean by that is we can cry for being sad, but afterwards we’ll get over it and go on with our lives. It’s almost easy to come back from. We’ll cry then be fine later on. Sad tears suck, but you can overcome that through the day.

Angry tears are a rare expression that really takes a lot to get out of someone. Have you ever been so angry that you would cry because of it? So angry that a tear would be displayed? Rarely do that ever happen. That just shows that you’re really pissed off that it’s sad. At the same time though, it does help with healing yourself. Some people can’t even show their emotions on their own command but once they’re really angry those tears could come out. That really does take a lot to display. It’s like you’re sad deep down but your anger takes over the sadness. It’s also something that is okay to show. Show people that you’re upset deep down. They could take that opportunity to help you out.

No matter what kind of tears you shed, it’s always okay to express them to the world. Be true with others about your emotions. No matter the circumstances, shedding a tear shows that you’re only human. That’s not something to ever be ashamed of.


  1. Sean Richardson says:

    Man ur talented real talk

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    1. Shane R. says:

      Thanks like always! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป


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