Truth always hurts don’t it? Well guess what? I’d rather be hurt by a hard truth than a lie. Always tell the truth, no matter how hard it can affect someone’s feelings. They’ll understand it at the end of the day. Why does it seem so hard to tell the truth sometimes? Is it because we don’t wanna hurt that person’s feelings? Is it because it could sometimes get us into trouble, even big trouble? Like why? It’s better to deal with that than to lie to someone then deal with the consequences once the truth comes out. You can’t keep telling lies to people and feel good about yourself afterwards. What does that even accomplish? Nothing. Always tell the truth.

How would you feel if someone kept lying to you? If someone kept hurting you by not providing the truth? You wouldn’t like that would you? Not at all. Demand the truth from that person who’s feeding you lies. You mind be pissed off at first, but feel relieved at the end. The truth can set ANYONE free. Literally anyone, in one way or another. The more truth you spill out, the better of a person you become.

This was something that came to my head today. Literally like a word of the day type of thing. Truth. Why would that just pop into my head all of a sudden? Mainly because a lot of lies are spread around so much that no one truly knows what the truth is. It’s ridiculous. Telling the truth can be a big stress relief for anyone. Do it for yourself. That’s most important.

Always tell the truth. Tell the truth on the daily. It’ll definitely set you free my friend.