Point of View

What’s your point of view on life? What do you see every time you step out into the open world? Do you see peace? Do you see controversy? These are type of sights most people view in their own eyes as they walk through society everyday. Most people wonder, “Is this what life is suppose to be? Life is suppose to be this bad? This dangerous? Where’s the love? Where’s peace and happiness?” I would love to know myself.

Everyone’s got their own point of views on life. There are definitely people out here who sees happiness. They can go almost anywhere and just be happy, mainly because they can view anything in a positive matter. That’s how a person should live their lives and that’s through positivity. Wherever you go, whatever you do, always view it with positivity. Never view things in a negative way or else you’ll become part of the cons of life. You wouldn’t want that to happen. Anything you view in life, always view it with happiness.

I view life as an ocean. Sometimes, things go smoothly without anything hazards. Sometimes, disasters would occur and a big wave hits. That can be a wave of negativity. Everyone knows the saying of life is like a roller coaster right? Everything goes up then goes down. Same can be said for an ocean as well. When things are swell, the water stays low. When a weather hazard occurs, waves will form. That’s how I view life and will continue to view it that way forever. No one wants to deal with waves all the time, but they do happen for a reason just like how we all deal with bad days at times.

Life can definitely be viewed in many kind of ways. You just have to make sure that everything you view is for the better. Nothing that should keep you down. We all have our point of views on life and it’s okay to have different views on everything. We should all agree on one thing though; everything we view should be for the better. I hope you guys would agree with me on that. Better views equals a better life.


  1. Sean Richardson says:

    Jeez. Good stuff son

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    1. Shane R. says:

      Thank you, much appreciated!


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