It’s been a while since I’ve done a travel blog, and I’m glad to pick up the pace with this special blog here! Now if you guys have read my previous travel blogs, I’m always big on seeing different cultures throughout the world. Bulgaria stood out to me and I haven’t seen much of this country until I did a little bit of research on it. Bulgaria looks like a beautiful country that’s filled with artificial nature. It looks so astounding!

Varna looks like a beautiful city to visit first as it’s a port city and a seaside resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea! From what I’ve seen of it, it looks very interesting. This city is mostly known for holding a 6,000 year old Thracian jewelry known as the Gold of Varna. How incredible right?! Now that’s something historic that I would want to see in person. This city also has some interesting museums such as Varna Archaeological Museum and the Retro Museum. Lastly, I would wanna see the Roman Thermae. This place showcases Roman ruins of ancient thermal baths and the amount of ancient walls displayed there are incredible.

The city of Burgas looks beautiful as it jas a California vibe to me. A city on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, Burgas is the place to go to if you wanna enjoy a nice vacation in a sunny environment. Everything from lakes to gardens, Burgas is a city I wouldn’t want to pass up. One place I wanna see for sure is the St. Anastasia Island. This island is a islet in the Black Sea. The atmosphere of this place looks great as usual as it has a great view of the sea. Standing on that island, looking at the sea would feel like heaven to me. There’s even people who said they recommend staying on that island overnight. Boy would that be a great experience. Seeing the stars in the sky while laying on that island is something to definitely look forward to in the future.

Last but not least, the ancient city of Plovdiv. This city screams history! For starters, the Plovdiv Roman Stadium. This building is among the largest and best preserved buildings in the Balkan peninsula. If you want to see some great cultural shows, this is one of the places to be at. Another place to check out cultural shows is the iconic Ancient Theater of Philippopolis. Just looking at this place is so awesome. It’s one of the world’s best preserved ancient theaters ever and I can definitely see why. The place looks huge and hosts some major events! I would love to go there one day and witness some of Bulgaria’s best acts. I would love for the best of the best to showcase what they love to do in this theater and cherish every moment of it. Being able to say that you’ve performed in this theater is an achievement of a lifetime. I would just love to be there and stand on that stage. Now that would be a moment to live in.

Just like every other country I would love to visit one day, Bulgaria is no exception. The country looks beautiful, the cities look beautiful, etc. Just overall, a beautiful country. Can’t wait to visit one day!