Thank You Fiona Gallagher

For those of you who’ve missed out, last night’s episode of Shameless marked Emmy Rossum’s final appearance on the hit TV series. This means we’ll no longer see Fiona Gallagher on any episodes next season and so on. The season finale ended very emotionally as we said goodbye to one of the show’s top characters. We said goodbye to the backbone of the Gallagher Family. This post will be more of a thank you letter to Fiona Gallagher herself, as she’s done a lot for her family and the community she lived in. It was her time to leave and be her own woman finally, but saying goodbye to a well respected character was very difficult to do. The following is a thank you note to Fiona Gallagher:

Dear Fiona Gallagher,

       Your whole life, you grew up to be a leader. You grew up to be the mother that your siblings needed. Both of your parents weren’t there for you and your family, so you became the guidance they needed. Almost everything in the Gallagher house was falling apart and you kept it steady by your own hands. Sure you’ve had a crap ton of problems and that’s okay because you’re human, just like all of us. Every time you fall, you rise back up stronger than before. Whenever someone needed your help, you were always there no matter the circumstances. You were always counted on. You were always dependable. You changed your family’s lives and that’s a lifetime achievement. Even though Frank and Monica would never admit it, they are really proud of you. Monica has since passed away, but I know she must be looking down at you with a big smile on her face. She’s really proud of the fact that you became the mother she herself couldn’t be. Everyone is in somber now, but behind their grief they are really happy for you for your choice to move on in your life. Thank you for setting your siblings straight. Thank you for giving back to your community. Thank you for being a leader. Most of all, thank you for making Shameless one of the most must see shows for the last 9 seasons. You’ve done everyone proud.

Thank you Fiona Gallagher.

Thank you Emmy Rossum.

Cheers to your future! Wishing you well in everything you do going forward.