Nature: The World’s Medicine

There’s always something about nature that’s extremely fascinating. Whenever you see so much land, so much trees and plants, so much water, you just soak in the air and relieve so much stress off yourself. There’s no doubt that people love going into the woods to see its nature up close and personal and a lot of times people do that so they can get away from anything that’s going on in their cities. In some form of fashion, nature is the world’s medicine.

Nature is the world’s medicine. I’ll explain what I mean by that statement. Everywhere you go in this world, you’ll see tons of land. You’ll see oceans, forests, lakes, ponds, etc. Almost everytime a person witnesses those atmospheres, their eyes become glued to what they’re seeing. Almost in the heap of the moment, they’re in love with nature. Smelling the air and you’ll smell fresh air. Nothing rotten, nothing contagious. Just fresh air. It’s a medicine in a type of way. Normally you can sense bio hazards, but not when it comes to pure nature. The smell of nature can clear a person’s mind easily. They just have to believe that it can.

There’s people out here who lives in the cities and could possibly be too much for them. So what do they do? They pack their belongings and take a trip to an nearby forest and go camping. Seeing all of its nature in person is their own scapegoat. Clears their mind, changes their soul, and makes them not wanna go back to the city. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the city life, but I can understand when a person says that they wanna leave the cities and go somewhere more secluded, that features so much nature. I’m telling y’all, that’s the world’s medicine right there.

Another awesome thing about nature is seeing the animals live their lives there. Nature is basically an animal’s life. So much food and water for them to eat and drink. Not having to worry about any hazards. They can live without fear. No worries. Only in nature is when that’s possible. I’m sure their lives are less stressful than ours. They can live freely unlike us humans. Only in nature. Gotta love it!

If you’re someone whose dealing with so much problems or having so much stress on yourself, trust me, you should take a trip to a nearby forest or even a nearby park that has so much land and relieve that stress off yourself. Take a walk, go hiking, hell or even go fishing in a nearby pond, and you’ll feel great. Once you do any of that and your mindset is clearer, you’ll realize that you just took the best medicine ever, and that’s nature. Nature is the world’s medicine. Trust me you’ll realize that once you experience it yourself in full effect.