Chavyn Jaice – 4/3/2007 Cyclone

Song review time! Normally I do album reviews when it comes to music reviews but this one was simply requested and I couldn’t resist doing it. Today’s song review will be on “4/3/2007 Cyclone” by up and coming musician Captain Suavé

Now the genre of this song has more of an R&B vibe to it and I really like this song. To be honest, I don’t know the significance of 4/3/2007 but I’m sure that’ll be explained down the line. The rhythm of this song is nice as it’s so soothing and this is the type of song that you can dance to and even relax to.

Captain Suavé’s vocals in this song is very unique as well. So seductive, so laid back. He’s mostly singing but he adds a little hip/hop in the mix as well which is pretty cool. Y’all gotta really listen to this song to hear the back and forth between the two vocal types and you wont be disappointed.

You can find this song on Spotify and he has more singles on his Spotify as well. Just search Captain Suavé himself and you’ll be amazed by his talent.

This song is very recommended for any fans of R&B and even Hip/Hop and I’ll also add Pop in there as well. Remember go on Spotify and search Captain Suavé and give it a listen!

For an easier way to find the song, here are Suavé’s social media accounts and give my blood a follow!:

Twitter: @ChavynJaice

Instagram: @chavyn_jaice

Spotify: Captain Suavé

Congratulations on accomplishing your songs Captain Suavé and I predict your career will take off in the very near future. Keep doing your thing!!