Mountain of Gratitude

For those of you who’ve done mountain climbing before, I’m sure you guys know how it feels to be standing on top of a mountain and feeling like you’re on top of the world. Looking down and seeing how far you’ve come up makes you feel like a true champion. The same can be said about life. Work hard in your life and once you’re set, you’ll look back on how far you climbed up on what I like to call, the Mountain of Gratitude.

Now we all know gratitude is the quality of being thankful. The Mountain of Gratitude is what I like to describe as a long path of accomplishing your goals and feeling thankful each time you do so. Always feel thankful for each step you take in life because you’ll end up in a much higher place once you accomplished everything you wanted to do.

Everyone’s path to greater heights will always include struggles. With each struggles you gotta have patience. As long as you have patience, climbing on the Mountain of Gratitude will be less difficult to do.

Once you finish your long and hard mountain climbing, standing on top of it all, you’ll feel totally thankful at the end of it all. You’ll feel thankful for each struggle you went to. Thankful for everyone who supported you along the way. Thankful for what you have at the end of the process. The moment you feel all of that, that’s when you realize you’ve made it to the top of the mountain.

You, my friend, have climbed the Mountain of Gratitude!